Max & the Rescues: The Coolest Pack of Rescue Cats

Influencer Spotlight: Max & Grace 

Friday, May 31, 2019 | 

Sometimes you don’t choose the cat rescue life, the cat rescue life chooses you. That was the case when @max_maxthecat Cat Mom added Grace to their pack of rescues.  

Cats with Pet Comfort Feeding System.

This is Grace. Grace is a marbled tabby that we rescued when she was a month old. We heard her faint desperate meows outside our bedroom window on a hot summer night. She was abandoned by her feral cat mom and in really bad shape. We were able to get her in to see the vet the next day. Even though our home was full of furbabies we had to save her. Grace is all grown up now and fiercely independent. Grace’s favorite toy is a feather wand and makes cute chirps when playing with it. She sleeps with me every night and has been ever since the day she was rescued. 

A kitten sitting on a blanket.
Cats playing around Pet Comfort feeding system.

Now Grace is happy, healthy and full of sass. See what Grace and her fur siblings are up to on their Instagram account: @max_maxthecat. These funny fur babies are members of our PetComfort Influencer program. They love their PetComfort feeding system because it means less mess for mom to clean up after mealtimes.

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