Great Feeding System

Name: Linda

I really love it!!!!!


Name: Ray Marez

Just bought your bowl, for my Boxer, Mr Jesse, good for his over all heath, he's 5 Yrs old, thank you for posting his picture on your website, God bless you all.

Thankful for the XL Mat

Name: Lauren

My foster kittens decided to go swimming in their feeding system this weekend, and I am so thankful for the XL mat. The larger coverage held almost all of the water and kept it completely off the floor.

Our GSP, Prince, liked it immediately!

Name: Michael Koskie

When FedEx delivered the box with the 12 inch Pet Comfort feeding system Prince watched me open the box. He knew it was for him immediately! When we fed him his supper later that day he did not hesitate to eat from it. He absolutely loves his new bowls. The picture says it all.........

Senior Dog Had Trouble Eating

Name: Marc and Sharyn

We have a 15 year old Border Collie who had lost interest in eating because she struggles to bend down to reach the bowl we had on the floor and she also had trouble getting the food out of the corners of that bowl. We've only had the The Pet Comfort Feeding System for 1 week but already we are seeing a difference. The fact that she doesn't have to lean down is wonderful as her back hips couldn't support her and her feet were constantly slipping out from under her as she tried to eat. Also the shape of the bowl works great because she doesn't have to chase her food around the bowl anymore which had previously lead her to giving up and walking away without eating. Finally the mat is great and catches all the spills our old girl makes as she eats and drinks. It's wonderful to see her enjoying her food again and she eagerly awaits meal times because she can eat and drink in comfort.

Saved my sanity!

Name: Barbara Devine

My wonderful little Cavapoo, Emma, loved to splash in her water bowl and push it across the floor (just to make things more messy!). My husband and I recently purchased a low feeding system - because Emma is fairly small - and it is a MIRACLE!! The bowls are big enough and deep enough that we can fill the water bowl halfway, which gives her plenty of water, but she can't splash the water out. She also can't move the bowls across the floor, because of the stable base. I can't say enough about this product!!! If you are on the fence, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy one for you cat or dog!

Best Feeding System Ever!!!

Name: Tod Schneller

We have very picky standard poodles and have found that not only are the bowls and stands great for feeding but we also feel it enhances the aroma of the food and entices our dogs to eat. The true stainless steel also makes it less noisy when the pups eat from them and they don't have the tin or hollow sound from all other bowls we have tried. Our dogs love them and we love them. The high quality bowl and stands are easy to clean and no mess and no fuss. Honestly, best thing for pets ( and humans). Great Product!!

Great bowls for my Golden Doodles!

Name: Margaret Foster

My big Golden Doodles, Luci Loo and Dezi, love their new feeding systems--as do I! They are so easy to clean as well as keep their ears food-free! And the extra bowls are great for twice-daily eaters like these two.

Your product went viral at the dog park!

Name: Bob Ranck

My owner Bob Ranck, who incidentally is a great guy and my best friend, recently surprised me with your PET COMFORT Feeding System. Not only was this the feeding system I wanted, but it’s also in my favorite color – Hunter Green! I’ve spread the word to my fellow four legged friends at the dog park, and they can’t wait to get a PET COMFORT FEEDING SYSTEM of their own. Meal time for me is much more enjoyable and fun. I never knew that dog food could taste so much better just by being off the ground! Bob also told me that he purchased the SEAT protector. I’m thrilled that this will make cleaning up after myself so much easier. I’m definitely passing the word to my Great Dane buddy, this is a MUST HAVE product for him.

A Bowl Where My Basset Hounds Ears Don't Fall In

Name: Laura Jackimiec

Lucy AKA "Goose" my basset hound, has always had trouble keeping her ears clean. When she was a pup, she would trip over them. As an adult dog, she'd dip them in her water, food, grass, you name it... Now with the Pet Comfort raised bowl, her ears hang to the side, and her messy eating is caught on the mat. She's the type of high maintenance dog to take one piece of kibble out of the bowl and eat it on the carpet. Now, she comfortably stands and eats at the bowl. #DogMomWin

He Loves it!

Name: Eric Hansen

The 14" high feeding system is perfect for our Great Dane Odin. Great quality and the ergonomic bowl greatly reduces the spill of water when he drinks.

Wonderful for a handicapped pet


After suffering FCE in October of 2016, George can no longer stand on his own and uses a quad cart. The xl size was perfect for him. I'm so glad we found this.

Another Happy Customer!

Name: Ginger P.

We just received our PetComfort high feeding system and we love it! Great Product. Another happy customer.

Milo Loves WeatherTech!

Name: Jennifer D.

My dog is very high maintenance and needed his bowls raised because of severe acid reflux! I happened to see these Weathertech bowls and had to have them and I wasn’t disappointed. These bowls are made with the same quality and craftsmanship you come to expect from Weathertech. They also come with a mat to so food and water don’t spill on the floor. You can also just use the bowls without the mat like we did.

Payton Loves His PetComfort Feeding System!

Name: Ralph Strozza

We bought Payton, our 18-month old Yellow Lab, his PetComfort feeding system last month, and he absolutely loves it! The bowls hold more food and water than the other bowls we were using for him, and that makes him VERY happy. And since he doesn't need to bend his neck to floor level to eat or drink, he is a lot more comfortable. My wife loves the fact that any mess he makes spills onto the base and not the floor, and it's easy to clean. We both feel good that he is eating and drinking from bowls that are safe enough for us to eat or drink out of if we had to. I'm so glad we found out about this feeding system, and would happily recommend it to anyone who wants the very best for the furry members of their family!

Great for dogs

Name: Glenn & Cathy

We are owned by our third Lhasa Apso Macy who is very height challenged at the age of seven. We ordered the red four inch set not knowing if she would accept them as most Lhasa 's are somewhat picky. After the first day she warmed up to them and now she eats in a more comfortable position.

Renewed Appetite!

Name: Joe

I stopped at the Bolingbrook store the other day after I saw an ad for the pet bowls. I purchased a medium size set for my 18 year old cat who has not been eating right for weeks now. I figured she was preparing herself for her 10th life in the beyond, but I wanted to give her something high-end as a way to honor her last days. To my surprise, she has a renewed appetite and loves her new PetComfort pet bowls that she is now eating several times a day and has renewed energy as a result. Thank you for your continued innovation and commitment to quality excellence.

Happy Mutt! Happy Mom!

Name: Linda Boyett

Onyx loves her new Pet Comfort Feeding System and I love the design. The non-slip mat anchors the stand and bowls in place so that drips and crumbs stay contained. The finger slot makes removal of the bowls easy and cleaning is a breeze. It is comforting to know that bowls are made from food-grade stainless steel, and the contour shape fits perfectly in the refrigerator dispenser for filtered water. Best of all, this product is certified safe and made in the USA!


Name: Erin F.

We love our new PetComfort feeder for our 70lb black lab, Cabo. We appreciate the peace of mind knowing the bowl and stand materials are non-toxic and love how the bowl shape and height are ergonomic.

Two Paws UP!

Name: Steven

I bought the PetComfort feeding system for my dog after visiting your web site. The process was very fast and easy. All I needed was my dog's height so I could get the appropriate size for my dog. There are many colors to choose from, we went with the dark brown color and it goes great with our kitchen area. My dog is a messy drinker, however, the feeding system collects all the water below on the included floor mat under the stand and cleaning is very easy. We are very satisfied with our purchase and highly recommend it. We are happy to know that PetComfort is made with the best materials and also made in the U.S.A. which supports American jobs!

Perfect Feeding Station!

Name: Anonymous

We all love these bowls and the weathertech stand with mat. The bowls are heavy and the shape is ideal. The mat is so easy to clean. We got the XL mat and are glad we did. Princess Zira loves the whole package,

Perfect for Elder Dogs

Name: Anonymous

We have two "elder dogs," one 10 and the other 15. The one who is 10 seldom finished her meal. Since the feeding stations arrived, both of them clean their plates. Thank you so much!

PBGV-height friendly!

Name: Anonymous

In my search for elevated bowls for our PBGV's, I'd been unable to find the correct height and bowl size for my boys. 8-inch height is too high and 4-inch, too low (and with a too-small bowl). It was only upon discovering PetComfort that I finally found the PERFECT 6-inch height, with the appropriate size bowl!! Even though the price gave me pause at first, these bowls have been wonderful! Both boys now eat at a comfortable level and their ears no longer drag into their water/food dishes. Also very easy to clean and constructed of materials we can trust - in the USA!!! Having the color options is also a nice touch, and we couldn't be happier with this purchase!

No more stepping in water puddles or food crumbs!

Name: Anonymous

As a kitten foster, it is impossible to keep your floors clean from tipped water dishes to soft and hard food somehow everywhere. These bowls are perfect for keeping the mess contained and in one spot.

Beautiful Dog Feeders !!

Name: Anonymous

I recently purchased the new pet comfort feeding system for my Samoyed Blizzard. This high feeding system is absolutely beautiful to look at and the quality is second to none. The only problem I encountered was that my 220 pound English Mastiff fell in love with the new feeder and would not stop eating and drinking from it ( see pic). Well I am now the owner of two pet comfort high feeding systems and I could not recommend them more , outstanding product ! Kudos for making them in the USA" !!!

Messes contained!

Name: Anonymous

My two cats get wet/canned food for dinner at night. They usually make a mess of it and pieces of food always end up on the counter. Their previous bowls were extremely cheap stainless steel bowls, so I worried they contained harmful materials. I now feel better knowing they have high quality, non-toxic bowls AND I have less messes to clean up. What more could I ask for?!

Archie Loves It!

Name: Anonymous

We purchased a PetComfort Feeding System for our 6 year old Golden Retriever, Archie. He loves it! And, to be honest, we do too. The bowls are super easy to clean and can go right into the dishwasher. This feeding system is the best!

Perfect for Kittens

Name: Anonymous

These bowls are seriously perfect for kittens. Before, Atlas would run into her food and water dish at least three times a day causing food and water to go everywhere. Now she can literally fall on top of it (which she does), and it does not move. She is also a pretty messy eater and the mat is the best placement for her to eat off when food gets everywhere. Could not be happier!

Fits my truck perfect

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2014

Weathertech has absolutely nailed it with this seat cover. I have tried a couple universal fit covers that i got at the pet store and they never fit well, they were either too loose and slid around on the seat or were too small and don't offer the coverage i need to keep my leather seats protected from all things dog. I ordered the Weathertech cover for my 2014 Silverado Crew Cab and it fits great. Size wise its perfect and it covers the entire seat. There are two things that i have noticed with this cover that i see that really stand out. First thing is on the bottom there is a non slip material that really keeps the seat bottom from moving around. This is a big deal in my opinion because the other covers i tried the bottom would slide around and and from time to time my dog would end up on the floor. This has not been a problem for me with the Weathertech cover. The other thing is the attachment system, specifically where the bottom of the seat and the backrest meet. There are two little foam things that you stuff between the back and the seat. These really hold the cover in place so there is a nice edge there allowing you to use the entire bottom of the seat. Other covers i tried always kind of rounded that area off causing the seat bottom to be much smaller. This cover was not cheap and about 3x the cost of the last one i bought but the superior quality of the cover is evident compared to my last one that didn't even last a year before it failed. It didn't fit great either. If you want a top quality cover for your rear seat this is the one. I plan to buy another for our SUV very soon as i am very happy with the one in my truck. I included a photo of it in my truck. Its not as perfect as the photos that Wethertech has but i also did not put the seat belts thru, i chose to keep them hidden from the dog. If i put them thru i have no doubts that it would fit even tighter.

Great Product!

Name: Helen L Galante

Ginger, my 75lb Great Pyrenees mix, loves her new feeding system. I like that there was nothing to assemble. Excellent quality. Well worth the money.