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While we love our pets, we likely don’t love the scratches, fur, drool and other damage they can cause in our cars. By protecting your car’s seats with the water-repellent and non-slip WeatherTech Seat Protectors, you’ll help keep your vehicle looking like new.

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Please Note: This product is designed to fit most bench and bucket-style front and rear seats. If your vehicle is equipped with a center seatbelt, it will not be accessible.

You must have headrests on the seatback of your vehicle for the seat protector to strap on.

Comes in 4 Colors
Non-Slip Bottom
The Ultimate Protection
Dr. Joyce Ashamalla, a vet practicing at Hinsdale Animal Hospital in Hinsdale, Illinois.

Being water repellent and non-slip, quite clearly makes this custom seat protector absolutely top notch!

Dr. Joyce Ashamalla

Hinsdale Animal Hospital | Hinsdale, Illinois

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A much needed accessory for road trippers and their pet companions!