Scout – The Dog, the Myth, the Legend

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

If you were watching the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl, you may have seen this face on your screen.

Scout's Face

Meet Scout, the star of the WeatherTech commercial that aired on Sunday. Did you know, he is actually WeatherTech CEO, David MacNeil’s, Golden Retriever? He is a local celebrity around the office. He even has his own Instagram account @wtScout. Whether he is stopping in for a photo shoot, visiting the Factory Store, or having lunch in the café with some of his human coworkers, WeatherTech employees are always excited to see his smiling face. And apparently we are not the only ones that love him.

Social media exploded with love for Scout after the commercial aired. Human viewers were smitten, but so were their pets. Viewers sent dozens of videos of their pets taking in the commercial. Here are some of our favorites:

But Scout isn’t just an adorable face on your TV screen. He is bringing an important message and raising awareness about being conscious of what your pet’s bowls are made from. Many pet bowls out there state that they are "Not Safe for Human Use." What does that even mean? How are the materials in that bowl safe enough for a pet to use, when a human should stay away from them? WeatherTech created the PetComfort Feeding System to give pet owners peace of mind. Our bowls are 100% non-toxic, and NSF Certified for Home Use. They are made from USA-made polished stainless steel and are tested and certified to provide your pets with ergonomically designed access to food and water free of harmful lead, mercury, cadmium, or radiation.