Saying I Love You In Dog Language

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 | 

Dog Language

It is true that dogs are very special animals and are man’s best friend. They have a special sensitivity and intuitiveness that is most unique. Many people don’t often realize how well dogs can communicate with us and pick up on emotions. In this blog, we will look at interesting ways to let your pooch know how much you care. There really are ways to tell your dog "I love you" that she will understand. 

How To Show Your Dog You Love Them

Talk To Your Dog

Sometimes when we catch ourselves talking to our dogs, we feel silly. But believe it or not, dogs do receive communicative value from our talking to them. Studies have shown that dogs understand human language more than we think. One thing that is certain is that our canine companions pick up on our tone of voice and will react appropriately. Experts say that speaking to a dog in a soft, baby talk, like fashion makes them feel calm and happy. Conversely, yelling or speaking to them in an angry voice can certainly cause upset and fear. So go ahead and talk to your dog in a loving and gentle way, they will get a lot out of it.

Loving Eye Contact

Most people know that making eye contact with an animal can be a form of aggressive behavior. While this is certainly true, when your dog and you exchange soft and longer eye contact, it is a very effective way to show love for one another. Studies have actually shown that lingering eye contact can stimulate feel good hormones in both you and the animal. 

Loving Eyebrows

Dogs can read us through our facial expressions. They can also communicate love via the face by raising their eyebrows, the left one higher than the right, believe it or not. So next time your canine is looking at you, raise your eyebrows at her for that extra look of affection.

Leaning Tower Of Pooch

You’re on the couch watching TV. All of a sudden, your dog jumps up and feels the need to put all of her weight on you by leaning her body across your chest. This is not the ultimate in lazy dog syndrome, but rather a real sign of affection. This is pooch’s way of showing that she trusts you by abandoning her independent balance for your firm support. So next time you are wondering why your dog has just made it difficult for you to breathe, don’t forget that to her, it’s all about Amore!

Bonding Through Sleep

Some dog owners will allow their pets to sleep in bed with them. Not only can this be a good way to warm you up on a cold night, but also sleeping near your dog is very relaxing for them. Keep in mind that dogs are pack animals – ever see a litter of puppies all piled on top of each other as they sleep? Being near you while you both count sheep is a bonding experience. If you don’t allow your pet to sleep in the bed at night, a nap on the couch together will go a long way too.

All people (including loving pet owners) sometimes forget how much dogs actually feel and understand our communications with them. Dogs are very loyal companions and deserve to feel that they are safe and surrounded by loving people. So as you interact with your favorite pooch, use these methods of affection, your dog will love you for it!