Pet Barrier Specs

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Easy to install without tools

With large, flexible feet to create a snug fit to eliminate rattling, the Pet Barrier’s red knobs are

easy to lock with 14 speedy adjustments.

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Secures your pet and protects your car
By safely securing your pet to a designated area in your car, your pet won’t "roam" free and cause

driver distractions. You will also be able to contain any fur, drool or other messes.

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Adjustable to perfectly fit your car
With a minimum height of 30" and a maximum height of 46", the minimum width is 39" and

maximum width is 66" making the Pet Barrier easily adjustable to fit your car.

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  Durable and tough
All of the Pet Barrier components are constructed from strong and resilient yet lightweight
materials. The side adjusting slides are made from an advanced plastic material. The main upright 1"
diameter bar is injection molded from a propriety black resin. The internal upright is a "" diameter
aluminum extrusion with a bright satin anodized finish. The center aluminum cross bars are 5’8" in
diameter and adjusting slides are " diameter with a bright satin anodized finish.