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Should I Crate Train my Dog?

Everyone is overwhelmed with joy as you bring your newest family member home for the first time. It’s at that moment that reality sets in and you ask yourself; "Where will he/she sleep?", "Should I use a crate?", "How do you crate train a puppy?".

Scout – The Dog, the Myth, the Legend

Meet Scout, the star of the WeatherTech commercial featuring PetComfort that aired on Sunday.

PetComfort Super Bowl® Commercial

PetComfort is joining in on WeatherTech's game plan for this year's Super Bowl® Commercial and we've asked some of our favorite furry family members to give us a hand!

Five Foods that are Poisonous to Cats

When monitoring your cat’s diet, it is important to be aware of food that can be harmful or even fatal if consumed by your pet. Taking the proper precautions when handling these foods can be the difference between a healthy pet and a trip to the veterinarian.

What Type of Dog and Breed is Right for Me?

Choosing the right dog for you and/or family can be very exciting and stressful at the same time. I mean, it is another living, breathing being that you will have to love, feed, care and tend to for the rest of their life.

Influencer Spotlight: Charlie and Bodie

Charlie and Bodie are just two golden bros causing chaos in the cutest way possible.

Take the Pet Bowl Challenge

Want to know how to select the best dog bowls or cat bowls? Or want to learn if you should replace your current pet bowls? It is time to take the Pet Bowl Challenge!

Do Cats Need Baths?

Giving your cat a bath can reduce shedding, get rid of fleas, make her coat shinier, and keep her skin healthy, but how often do cats need baths?

Cat Vision

Learn about how scientists have studied cat vision to determine what colors they see, what gives them their amazing ability to see at night, and why they love laser pointers.

Cat Hearing and Their Amazing Listening Skills

If you are astonished by your cat’s listening skills, read on to learn more about cat hearing, the range of frequencies they can detect, and how deaf cats adapt to their surroundings.

Do Dogs Dream?

Many dog owners have stories about their dogs running in their sleep. In this blog, we’ll answer the question ‘do dogs dream’ and tell you what dogs dream about.

Dog Pregnancy: Tips and Care

Help prepare your dog for the big day when her puppies arrive with a few changes to her care and routines in order to have a successful dog pregnancy.

Choosing Senior Dogs For Adoption

Selecting a senior dog for adoption offers many benefits over puppies. Find out why senior dogs fill shelters and learn how senior dog rescue groups and sanctuaries offer help.

Fun Facts About The Cat Nose

Cats are famous for their incredible sense of smell. Read on to learn about what makes the cat nose so powerful and why cat noses are wet.

Cats and Christmas Trees

Christmas trees do not have to be a yearly challenge for cat owners. Follow our suggestions to keep your cats and Christmas trees safe this holiday season.

Christmas Safety Tips For Dogs

Avoid holiday catastrophe and a trip to the emergency vet by checking out our list of Christmas safety tips for dogs.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Pet insurance can help offset the cost of veterinary care but many pet owners wonder if pet insurance is worth it. Read on to learn more about pet insurance coverage and how it works.

Are Poinsettias Poisonous To Cats and Dogs?

A common question many vets hear around the holidays is are poinsettias poisonous to cats and dogs. We’ve compiled a list of common holiday plants and the risks they pose to your cat or dog in order to keep your furry family members safe this holiday season.

How To Wash Dog Toys

Your dog’s favorite toy can get pretty dirty. Learn how to wash dog toys to avoid spreading bacteria and extend the life of the toy.

Are Cats Smarter Than Dogs?

We’ll answer the age-old question - are cats smarter than dogs – and cover a few of the key skills that cats use when demonstrating their intelligence.

Calming Music For Dogs

Understand the power of calming music for dogs and find out the benefits music provides to our furry friends.

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Many of us envy the life of a housecat because they seem to sleep all day. Read on for answers to the question of why do cats sleep so much.

Can’t Decide How to Exercise Your Dog In The Winter? Take Your Dog Swimming!

Many of us avoid going outside in the cold weather, including our pups. If you’re looking for new ideas on how to exercise your dog in the winter, consider taking your dog swimming at a canine aquatic center.

Saying I Love You In Dog Language

It has been proven that dogs feel and understand our communications with them more then we think. There are some great ways to tell your pooch “I love you” in dog language.

How To Prepare Your Dog For Boarding During the Holidays

We all know the holiday season is busy. Get tips on how to prepare your dog for boarding so your she enjoys the holidays as much as you!
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