Perfect for Elder Dogs

Name: Anonymous

We have two "elder dogs," one 10 and the other 15. The one who is 10 seldom finished her meal. Since the feeding stations arrived, both of them clean their plates. Thank you so much!

Saved my sanity!

Name: Barbara Devine

My wonderful little Cavapoo, Emma, loved to splash in her water bowl and push it across the floor (just to make things more messy!). My husband and I recently purchased a low feeding system - because Emma is fairly small - and it is a MIRACLE!! The bowls are big enough and deep enough that we can fill the water bowl halfway, which gives her plenty of water, but she can't splash the water out. She also can't move the bowls across the floor, because of the stable base. I can't say enough about this product!!! If you are on the fence, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy one for you cat or dog!

Messes contained!

Name: Anonymous

My two cats get wet/canned food for dinner at night. They usually make a mess of it and pieces of food always end up on the counter. Their previous bowls were extremely cheap stainless steel bowls, so I worried they contained harmful materials. I now feel better knowing they have high quality, non-toxic bowls AND I have less messes to clean up. What more could I ask for?!

Low and High Feeding Bowls :)

Name: Anonymous

Hi !! We have the low feeding bowls system for our 2 kitties and have the high feeding bowels for our pup . They are the best bowls!!! They are safe , wash really well and look great !! We love that we could pick out the height and colors . Best purchased :0)

Great Product!

Name: Anonymous

This feeder makes so much sense. It gives our French Bulldog a comfortable way of eating and drinking. It is well made and durable. We are obviously very pleased.

Pet friendly!

Name: Cecile

Angel, our cat, just loves her bowls. They are easy to clean and the best thing is that there is no worry about lead. Great product and more important made in the USA!

New feeding system oh my!

Name: Charles Mosley

As typical of cat twilight was at first afraid of the bowls but after a day or two she got use to them Her curiosity got the best of her. She seem to enjoy the new bowls. There is less of a mess although she like to put her paws in the water. I am happy to get rid of the plastic bowls that I had these bowls are much better I can keep them cleaner because I can put them in the dishwasher. I have four bowls so while one set is in the dish washer she has a new set to use. i do believe this will greatly improve the health of my cat. I asked my vet about your system and she highly recommended it because of the stainless steel bowls. and it is made int USA to boot A win win all the way around.

Our Bichon wouldn't go near metal bowls before BUT now........

Name: Anonymous

Our Molly girl has 2 bowls, both low. She has water in the kitchen, & loves it! Her other bowl , also low, is in the room where her Mom's eat supper. ? She wouldn't go near a metal bowl before----I guess too much noise from her metals. She took to these two bowls without problem & loves them!!!!😁😁😁

Extremely well made and esthetically pleasing

Name: Susan Clifford

I have several single feeding stations and couldn’t be happier. Not only are they more healthy for my cats and dog but they are extremely well made and esthetically pleasing. I had to return an item and the customer service was remarkable. I didn’t get her name but she was polite, spoke well and handled everything efficiently. I would definitely recommend WeatherTech to anyone who asked, plus their products are made here in this great country of ours, USA.

Love the System!

Name: Anonymous

Our Morkie, Scooter would constantly spill his water and dog food on our hardwood floors. The floor was getting damaged from the water. After purchasing the feeding system no more problems. The feeding system supports the feeding items and he is no longer able to spill anything. He eats much better from the raised bowls. It was a great purchase and I highly recommend it.

Best Ever!!

Name: Anonymous

Hands down, the best ever! I have struggled with my snippy Maine Coon for years as she bated her water bowl around. Upset with me, water every where; dry food bowl empty, water every where. You name it, it was an excuse for her to upend the water bowl! Saw the PetComfort system on tv one evening and decided to give it a try and I've celebrated the expense daily!! The bowls stay put and Aruba can no longer bat the bowl around. I have finally have a dry kitchen floor!! Love, love PetComfort and highly recommend it!

Great feeding system!

Name: Anonymous

Well made, and I really like the bowl shape. My pup isn't born yet, but I know she will love it.

Safety First!

Name: Dr. Janet Page Hill

My cat, Abby, loves her new bowls. And I love knowing she's using a safe product. The mat is fabulous as well. Many thanks for a great product!

Best purchase ever!

Name: Joanne Visconti

My pup is my number one priority and this feeding station makes it convenient for feeding and cleanup easy for me. Gizzy can't see and this item makes it easier for him to find his water and food and I do not worry about spills. Best Purchase Ever.

Love them!

Name: Patti Cucchiara

We bought 3 feeding systems and really love them. They don’t move around like regular bowls. Recommend them to anyone with dogs.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love the Quality!

Name: Bev Franklin

Minnie loves her new feeding system. The quality is great, it was packaged well and received fast!

Lucky Boy is even luckier!!

Name: Gaye Spears

Because this is an American made product from start to finish, I was drawn immediately to give it a try. Lucky and I opened the box this morning, and we love it. Lucky Boy especially loved the bow! This product is even better than I’d hoped for...perfect color for my kitchen, perfect size for my kitty, sturdy...think it could last more turnovers or messes. He’s an older cat so with the Pet Comfort System, I think he will be more comfortable while eating or drinking. Thank you WeatherTech for another American made product of exceptional quality!!

Best for my pet!

Name: Joanne Visconti

Love this feeding set. No mess easy for Gizmo to eat and drink and I am happy knowing these bowls are safer then the made in China bowls I was using. Excellent product I highly recommend dog lovers to try it.

Really helps makes keeping kitchen clean

Name: Anonymous

With five cats I always had spilled water or dry cat food all over the place. This has made keeping the kitchen floors clean so much easier. The spilled water and kibble is contained on the mats and said mats are easy to clean. The are both functional and great looking! A little pricey but worth every penny!

Love the new feeding bowl

Name: Jeanne

We have a tiny pug, and a very messy eater. I love her new bowl and so does she.