An Innovative Bowl Only Found in the
PetComfort Feeding System

Monday, February 26, 2018

When PetComfort set out to create their new feeding system, they knew the bowl would need to be designed specifically for a pet’s health and mealtime.

Extensive research and collaboration went into developing the innovative design, which focused on those who would use it– the pets. The high-quality bowl features numerous benefits that not only ease the process of daily feeding for cats and dogs, but also keeps them safe: 

  • Ergonomically-Shaped – Working with scientists, PetComfort evaluated the most comfortable shape for a pet’s feeding experience and health. The tear-drop shaped bowl is designed around your pet’s snout and allows easy access to food.
  • High-Quality U.S. Stainless Steel – Some pet bowls manufactured overseas contain harmful toxins, BPA, phthalates, and have even been exposed to radiation. PetComfort understands the dangers these have on our pet’s health so they only use high quality food grad 304 stainless steel sourced in the United States. The stainless steel bowl is 100% American made and NSF Certified, making it safe for even human food!
  • Dishwasher Safe – The entire PetComfort Feeding System was designed to be dishwasher safe, including the stainless steel bowl. This makes clean-up time quick and easy.
  • Shatterproof – By using heavy gauge stainless steel, the bowl is completely shatterproof and will not crack under normal use

Pets rely on their owners to provide them with the very best options when it comes to mealtime.  The bowl used in the PetComfort Feeding System gives owners the chance to do exactly that.  With a product built with integrity, we can give back to our pet’s devotion.

Polished inside and out for ease of cleaning and for a great looking bowl
Bowl is elongated toward the front to allow easier access to food / water

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