Two Golden Bros Causing Chaos

Influencer Spotlight: Charlie and Bodie

Friday, January 11, 2019 | 

Golden retrievers Charlie and Bodie enjoying a meal together.

Charlie and Bodie are just two golden bros causing chaos in the cutest way possible. From doing doggy laps in the pool to adorable daily snoozes, these boys make everyone’s day by sharing their daily adventures with all their furry friends. Bodie, the darker golden of the two, loves following his older brother Charlie around. As they take on the next mud puddle or have a quick romp around in the snow, they are clearly living their best life here in the Midwest. They are part of our PetComfort Family, regularly showing off their stylish blue 12" high PetComfort Feeding System during mealtimes. We think you will agree that their energy and spirit is unmatched, making them a very special duo.

Golden retriever Bodie laying next to blue PetComfort Feeding System.

"Mom’s got two very messy boys whose food and water ends up all over the floor! We were so happy to try out the new PetComfort feeding system!"

Golden retriever Charlie enjoying his new PetComfort Feeding System.

"Dinner please! This pet bowl is NSF certified which means it's safe enough for humans to eat out of. After all they are our family!"


PetComfort Feeding Systems Feature:

PetComfort Pet Food Bowls are Certified for Home Use by the NSF.

NSF Certified US stainless steel pet bowls passed rigorous standards to be approved for human food use... first of its kind!

Woman wiping up spilled food from the mat of tan PetComfort Feeding System.

An outer lip on the PetComfort mat to keep spills contained and to protect your floors from messes!


Have you gotten your PetComfort Feeding System yet? Tag your pet using their feeding system with the hashtag #PetComfortPals.

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