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Influencer Spotlight: Barton Labs

Friday, April 26, 2019 | 

yellow lab and pet comfort feeding system.

Meet the Barton Labs! They are one big happy family in Salt Lake City, Utah. The pack leader is Wylie (chocolate), affectionately called Wyloo and completely ball obsessed. Second in command is Tubbs (yellow), also known as Tubby and a complete mama's boy. The queen of the house Ember (yellow), the resident emotional support pup. Next up is miss Aglaia (fox red), fetch and snuggle master. Now the three puppies, Bricklyn (fox red) the go getter, Collins (yellow) the attention hog, and Lacey (black) the little princess. Watch as they go through life and see how these new bowls have changed their lives. Plus you can see Lacey in her bear cave courtesy of PetComfort!


PetComfort Feeding Systems Feature:

Pet Comfort feeding system on the floor.

The High Feeding System is designed to provide an elevated and more comfortable position for dogs to eat and drink. Featuring a non-toxic stainless steel bowl, and a heavy-duty stand and mat design, it keeps your pet's mealtime messes contained. The soft material also creates traction on the floor, keeping the system in place. Available as a single or double bowl system, you can choose the right height and configuration for your furry friend and the right color for your home. As you can see your pups will flock to the system. Can you imagine the water cooler conversations?

Have you gotten your PetComfort Feeding System yet? Tag your pet using their feeding system with the hashtag #PetComfortPals.

Follow along with The Barton Labschocolate lab playing, laying, and at the beach.

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