How Does My Cat Know I Love Her?

Friday, June 21, 2019 | 


If you’ve ever wondered, "How does my cat know I love her?" You’re not alone. However, cats aren't known as the most affectionate pets. Many consider cats to be "aloof," but are they really? Cats often display their signs of affection in much more subtle ways. With that being said, not all hope is lost when it comes to showing your furry friend you love them. As we know, there are a couple signs that cats show affection, and by reciprocating or simply accepting that affection back, we can make good on the expression of them knowing you love them. 
When your feline gives cat affection, make sure to give them the attention that they deserve. Cats pick up on things that many humans often disregard, like the energy in the room or the vibe. In any case, if you maintain a good, open, and loving atmosphere around your cat, they can pick up on it. Your cats get you more than you think they do. 
Next, take notice of their behavior. Do they run up to you and or run between your legs when you first come home? Your cat is not intentionally trying to trip you, but are simply greeting you! Return the favor. That’s how to make your cat feel loved. Make sure they are the first to receive attention when you walk through the door. They love when the attention is all about them.
Thirdly, cats like to knead us when they're feeling loved. If you have noticed your cat occasionally leaps up onto you and kneads at your belly with its paws (I call it the "personal masseuse"). This move is an expression of adoration, and cats typically do it when they are feeling loved. That is your opportunity to make sure that they know they are the center of your universe. Simply petting your cats while they’re kneading is a way of giving them some attention that will ensure that they know how much you love them.
Finally, observe your cat’s habits. Do they snuggle up with you when you go to sleep? Do they meow for your attention? Whenever your cat approaches you for tenderness, make sure you acknowledge them. 
All in all, even the most aloof and brooding cat will be able to pick up on your warmth and devotion. Whether they choose to admit it or not, they can sense when a person loves them. So make sure that you’re emitting good, giving "paw"istive vibes, and your cat will be sure to indulge in your lovefest.