Choosing Senior Dogs For Adoption

Monday, December 17, 2018 | 


A Word From Dr. Joyce Ashamalla

Choosing Senior Dogs For Adoption

The companionship and unconditional love a dog gives to its human is one of the main reasons we have dogs as pets. Owning a dog means growing that bond with man’s best friend over many years, through all of life’s ups and downs. Often times, both the dog and owner progress into old age. And as gray hairs appear, sometimes elderly pet owners are no longer able to care for their dogs, or elderly dogs develop illnesses or disabilities their owners can no longer handle. Unfortunately, these senior dogs end up in shelters or rescues and are passed over by new families looking to adopt puppies only. When making the decision to adopt, many people overlook how amazing a senior dog can be especially in homes with children.  There are so many great benefits to adopting a senior dog.  To start, they are housebroken, calm, loving dogs that are looking for their forever home to live out the remainder of their life.  Many folks looking to adopt do not realize the great joys of adopting a senior dog or how they can adopt a senior dog.  Read on to learn more about where you can adopt and/or how you can help senior dogs live out the last years of their lives happily.

Senior Dog Rescue

Any dog over seven years old is considered a senior. Since many dogs still have long lives ahead of them at the age of seven, it’s a shame that so many senior dogs sit in shelters waiting to be adopted. Yes, senior dogs may have medical issues and unknown veterinary costs, but they deserve a good quality life, no matter how many years they have left. An increasing number of organizations are now focusing on rescuing senior dogs who are waiting in shelters. These senior dog rescues take dogs into their care, rehab and rehome them. Some senior dog rescues provide care in a facility including food and veterinary treatment or they place the dogs in foster homes. Many of these organizations are charities, relying on sponsorships, donations and grants to exist.

Senior Dog Sanctuary

Similar to a senior dog rescue is a senior dog sanctuary. In essence, they act as retirement homes or group homes for the dogs, where they can live out their years together. Some senior dog sanctuaries provide hospice care while others place dogs in foster homes. And just like senior dog rescues, senior dog sanctuaries operate as charities and are always in need help, be it monetary donations, volunteers, or supplies.

How Can I Help?

That is easy! Start by adopting a senior dog from a shelter, senior dog rescue, or senior dog sanctuary. You will that find these dogs have even more love to give and are grateful for every day that is not spent in a shelter. Aging is something that we, and our pets, cannot avoid and age is not a reason for a pet to be cast off. Be a senior dog’s hero and save them from a crowded shelter.