Bringing your Dog to the Beach

Friday, August 8th, 2019

When temperatures rise, there’s no better way to beat the heat than planning a trip to the beach.

Whether splashing around in the waves, playing fetch on the sand, or taking a leisurely stroll by the water’s edge there are few summer activities that compare to a trip to the beach with your pup. Before you head to the dunes, here are a few things to keep in mind when you're beach bound with your hound.


Before the trip

Prior to the trip, make sure your pets are vaccinated, properly tagged, and display a non-aggressive demeanor when around humans and other dogs. It is good practice to have all tags, vaccinations, and behavior in tune when you are visiting a public beach.

Provide lots of water and shade

The most important thing dog owners need to do during a day at the beach is provide plenty of shade and fresh water. When temperatures skyrocket, a bowl of water in the shade is the perfect remedy. Salt/seawater can be harmful to you pet's stomach and digestive system. If you see your pet quenching their thirst with the surf, remind them that you have plenty of delicious fresh water on the shore. Our Feeding Systems are great for the beach- keeping sand, sticks, and stones out of your pets H20.

Keep an eye out for critters and not-so-buried treasures

When you first arrive, comb the beach for anything that could be harmful to your pet. If you come across any trash, broken glass, or other hazardous items, find the nearest trash can and dispose of it before your pup can get its paws on it. Owners should also be aware of any animals (jellyfish, crabs, fish etc.) that might call the beach home. When curious canines come across coastline critters they are not always aware of the potential dangers these animals can pose. It’s important for pet owners to stay alert and keep an eye on their pets at all times to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

Bring a First Aid Kit

The best way to be prepared for any situation is to keep a pet first aid kit in your vehicle. First aid kits can easily be stored in your trunk, cargo area, or if you have a pickup truck our Under Seat Storage System makes a great storage space.

Pick up after your pooch

Nature will eventually call during a day of splashing and dashing on the beach. Make sure you bring some dog waste bags along with you and pick up after your pet. This will help keep the environment clean and ensure that wet sand is the only thing squishing beneath your toes.

Leave the beach behind

When the fun in the sun is done, you should rinse off paws, brush any sand from your pet's coat, and prep your vehicle for the journey home. If not properly removed, lingering sand particles can irritate paws and skin. For stowaway sand particles, our Door Protector, Seat Protectors, and Cargo/Trunk Liner will keep your vehicle clean and protected.