Top 4 Reasons to
Adopt a Shelter Pet

Tuesday, April 12, 2018

Adopt a Shelter Pet - PAWS Chicago

Photo of a PAWS Chicago Kitten

Thousands of cute, cuddly pets are waiting in animal shelters for their forever homes. Pet adoptions rates have been on the rise in recent years and these pets need you as much as you need them. Find out below why animal shelter pets make the best pets! 

1. You Will Save a Life – Maybe Even More Than One!

Over the years, adopting pets from animal shelters has grown in popularity and become more mainstream. People are finding more value in pet adoption as it gives these adorable pets a forever home and a chance at life. Millions of animals are euthanized each year due to overcrowding in pet shelters, by adopting a shelter pet you not only save the life of your new pet, you save the life of a homeless pet who can be rescued by the shelter. It will feel great to know you saved multiple lives!

2. Adopting Offers a Greater Selection

Animal shelters are filled with pets of all sizes, colors, breeds, ages, and temperaments. This means you will have a larger selection to choose from when you decide to adopt a dog or cat. To help make the adoption process easier, many animal shelter websites allow you to search for possible pets that may be a good fit for your home and family. Be sure you make the right choice by matching your day-to-day lifestyle to your new pet. No matter what your needs are, an animal shelter will have the right pet for you!

3. You’ll Save Money

Pet adoption fees at an animal shelter are minimal when compared to buying a pet from a breeder or pet store. When adopting from a shelter, you take home a pet already under a veterinarian’s care, that has been spayed or neutered, and has up to date vaccinations. If you were to pay for these services on your own, the price would probably double!

You can also save money on training when you adopt a shelter pet. Many adult pets end up in animalshelters because their previous owners moved, divorced, or had a lifestyle change. These adult pets are house-trained, can walk on a leash, and are socialized. Another win for shelter pets!

4. Your Health Can Improve

Studies have shown that pets can improve your quality of life. Having a pet can help with depression, anxiety, stress, as well as other health concerns. Petting your dog or cat can lower blood pressure, and playing with them can increase serotonin and dopamine levels, reducing stress. Walking your pet keeps you active, and can even encourage socializing. When you save a life by adopting a shelter pet, your own health can benefit as well!

Do Your Homework Before You Adopt a Shelter Pet

Before you visit an animal shelter, remember that adopting a pet is a huge commitment, not just an emotional decision. Make sure you consider every aspect of your own lifestyle so you take home a pet that is right for you. Will you be available to walk a dog multiple times a day? Do you have time to groom a long-haired cat? Factors such as these are important to your decision.

Once you’ve done your homework and considered your lifestyle, living situation, and needs, head to an animal shelter with the entire family to find your new best friend. Remember to have patience during the selection process and ask the animal shelter staff lots of questions. After all, they are 100% invested in finding these shelter pets the perfect forever homes!

If you’re ready to expand your family with a furry companion, give shelter pets a chance and adopt!