PetComfort Feeding System

Finally, a truly Non-Toxic feeding system for your pet!

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What makes the PetComfort Feeding System the best option for your pet’s health, comfort and safety?


Human-Food-Grade Stainless Steel

There are over 150 types of stainless steel, and only two are safe for human use. That’s why many foreign made bowls have labels like "For Pet Use Only" and "Not intended for human use". If it’s not safe for humans, how can it be safe for your pets? We only use premium certified Human-Food-Grade 22 gauge thick US stainless steel, because your pets deserve nothing less.

Foreign made stainless steel could be toxic, filled with lead, or even be radioactive. Scary stuff.


Human-Food-Contact-Grade Plastics

We use only the highest quality plastics that are BPA-free, toxin-free, and are FDA Human-Food-Contact-Grade.

Cheap foreign plastics can be toxic and potentially poisonous to your pet. Yikes!


NSF Certified

We have the only pet bowls in the world to be certified by the NSF - The same certification standards used in the restaurant industry.


Anti-Microbial & Anti-Fungal Additives

What good is using premium non-toxic plastic, if it’s not going to keep bacteria away?
That’s why we enhance it with FDA approved anti-microbial and anti-fungal additives. And, guess what? It makes it even safer.


Polishing Process

We polish our stainless steel bowls to a surface finish that exceeds USDA specifications for human food use.

Our Promise

PetComfort will never compromise when it comes to the health and safety of your pet.

With 11 different colors and 8 different sizes, it’s perfect for any pet or space.

All 8 sizes are available in each of the 11 colors. Don't know what size you need? No problem! Use our size selector to find the perfect fit.


NSF Certified For Home Use

Stainless Steel bowl is certified under NSF Home Products P461

A bowl safe enough for you, but designed for your pet.

The PetComfort Feeding System is the only feeding system with NSF certified bowls... which means it's safe enough for human food. Made from heavy gauge US sourced stainless steel. While you could eat from the PetComfort Feeding System, it was designed specially for your pet.


NSF Certified For Home Use

Our Stainless Steel Bowls have been certified by NSF, complying with NSF Standards P392 and P461.

See Compliance Certificates #1, #4, and #5 by clicking the button below.

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The stand and mat are made from US sourced, FDA compliant plastics, approved for human food contact, so you know it's SAFE for your pet.

The innovative stand is made of a rigid polymer, which can withstand even the most aggressive eaters. It is dishwasher safe and won’t chip or break.

The lip of the bowl and stand are designed to eliminate any gaps that food may fall through.

Sloping surfaces direct spills down to the mat.

Rear finger notch for easy bowl removal.


The mat stops messes
before they start.

The mat is designed to contain your pet's messes during mealtime. The softer mat material keeps it from sliding around and will not scuff or scratch your floor.


As an extra level of safety, we have fortified the stand and mat with an FDA compliant anti-microbial and anti-fungal additive.


The mat for the PetComfort Feeding System's position locking ribs highlighted in red.

Positioning ribs lock the stand in place

The interior of the mat is elevated, preventing food and water build up under the stand.

The interior of the mat is crowned which helps prevent water or food from collecting under the stand.


FDA Compliant Materials

The raised stand is made from polypropylene and colorants that comply with FDA 21 CFR 176 and 21 CFR 177 standards. The mat is made from TPE and colorants that comply with FDA 21 CFR 176 and 21 CFR 177 standards.

See the specific compliance letters and certificates by clicking the link below

FDA Compliance: #13, #14, #25 and #26
Antimicrobial/Antifungal Testing: #16, #17, #28, #29

See Certificates

Our pets are family, and they deserve only the best.

Check out the rest of the PetComfort product line to help keep your pets safe & healthy.

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